About us

Actually, it's not really about us...

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...it's about you.

The Teacher Portal is your trusted go-to resource as an English language teacher. Whether you are still studying for your CELTA, are newly qualified, or have years of experience, access everything you need to develop your skills and set yourself apart. 
  • Join a community of global teachers and share ideas 
  • Access exclusive events and Q+A sessions with IH London trainers, authors and experts
  • Take self-study courses to supplement your training
  • Watch recordings of real online and face-to-face lessons
  • Complete Professional Development courses and earn shareable certificates

A real community

Did you know there are around 12 million English language teachers worldwide? Imagine if you could easily connect with one another to ask questions, exchange tips, and share experiences.
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In the Teacher Portal, you can. It’s our mission to build an inclusive and accessible community of teachers from all over the world who can exchange ideas freely and easily. We know just how much we can learn from each other and how important this is for teachers. 

Okay, just a little bit about us

The Teacher Portal is brought to you by International House London, leaders in language teaching, testing, and teacher training for 70 years. IH London is the birth-place of CELTA, and for decades we have pioneered innovation in teacher development. 

We believe in:
  • Communication without borders
  • Broadening horizons and creating opportunities
  • Inspiring people to achieve their goals through continued learning
That's why we created the Teacher Portal. We believe that by providing access to quality training and bringing people together, we act as a force of change, enhancing mutual understanding and tolerance, and unlocking human potential.

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