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Webinar: Cracking the code: Dyslexia, Spelling and the science of learning

May 8th 2024, 4.30pm UK time

Ania Karwowska

Cracking the Code: "Dyslexia, Spelling, and the Science of Learning "aims to link dyslexia with spelling skills using the latest scientific insights. It explores dyslexia's effects on reading and spelling, highlighting evidence-based strategies for spelling challenges. The workshop delves into the neurological aspects of dyslexia and its implications for teaching and promotes effective teaching methods based on research. It also covers the science of learning, incorporating cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and education research to improve educational practices for dyslexic learners. Participants will gain a deep understanding of dyslexia, practical spelling strategies, and how the science of learning can enhance educational methods to support all learners, particularly those with dyslexia.

Ania Karwowska, PolCa Languages owner, English Philologist, EFL teacher, teacher trainer, dyslexia researcher and a mum to a dyslexic bilingual and bi-literate boy.

June 12th 2024, 4.30pm UK time

Katy Kelly

In this practical workshop we will share our experience of formative assessment in class and consider what we do now and how we do it with YLs and upwards. We will discuss and explore the challenges we face in effectively implementing formative assessment, with a particular focus on speaking activities. Together we will look at some formative assessment tools we can use in class and make an evaluation of them for our contexts and learner needs. With the use of some real examples of different formative assessment used for speaking, we will consider the potential benefits with regard to motivation and engagement along with overall higher levels of attainment. Through a final collective reflection task, it is hoped everyone will be able to decide on, take away and try out an assessment idea for their class.

Katy Kelly is a freelance teacher trainer and materials writer, specialising in early years, primary and secondary education. She has worked in the public bilingual sector and for private education providers, such as the British Council, Cambridge University Press, International House, Nile and Bell English in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, providing face-to-face and online training on YL methodology, train-the trainer, CLIL and CELT-S. She has written a five-book phonics section for CUP, a three book KG series, a three-year kindergarten curriculum and as well as a full primary EFL curriculum and schemes of work for an IB international school in China and a 30-hour self-study secondary school course for Vietnamese teachers.
She is a regular conference presenter and delivers webinars for publishers and British Council projects around the world.
In her spare time Katy enjoys gardening and collecting coffee beans from around the world.

July 10th 2024, 4.30pm UK time

Cecila Nobre

How can we teach beginners without using translation in class? "I don't speak their L1, how can I teach them?". Based on my experience in the UK and Turkey where smiles and patience were as crucial as the lesson plans themselves. 😃 So, in this webinar, I will share my approach ( backed by literature) to teaching beginners, emphasising the importance of building a strong foundation in both vocabulary and grammar. Teachers will learn strategies for creating a supportive and engaging learning environment that caters to the needs of their lovely beginner students. By the end of the webinar, teachers will have a set of effective techniques for introducing new language concepts, fostering confidence, and encouraging early language use among their beginner learners. 

Cecilia Nobre is a PhD student in Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick. With 20 years of teaching experience in Brazil, Turkey, and the UK, she is also a certified DipTESOL and CertTESOL Trinity/Celta trainer. She has spent the past 5 years in teacher training and holds a Master's degree in ELT from Warwick. She co-authored the book Using Video to Support Teacher Reflection and Development in ELT.

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