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Ask an IH London trainer

Come along and ask one (or more) of our expert teachers and trainers anything you want about teaching, training, career development or whatever is on your mind. 

Webinar: 'Exploring reasons and emergent language in learner generated texts'.
Danny Norrington-Davies

After learners take part in communicative tasks and discussions, post-task feedback often focuses on sentence or phrase level language. In this workshop we will look at ways teachers can help learners reconstruct what they said into longer texts, and how these can be used to work with emergent language and explore the reasons why learners are using specific forms.

Webinar: 'Top tips for faster lesson planning'  
Joanna Stansfield

"Why does lesson planning take so long?" 
We've all said this to ourselves at one time or another, feeling frustrated and tired. Is there an easier way? Well, Joanna is here to pass on her top tips about how to streamline the planning process. This practical webinar will offer a variety of top tips based on years of experience of planning and delivering effective and engaging lessons to learners of all ages and levels.