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16 hours
32 minutes


£350 per year, unlimited seats

About the course

Watch our teachers interact, facilitate, clarify and engage real language learners in a variety of teaching contexts. These lessons are not 'tidied up' or curated, instead, they demonstrate real teaching and learning.

You can choose to watch a lesson in its entirety with the lesson plan and materials to guide you.  Or you have the option to watch the lesson stage by stage doing the interactive tasks as you watch.  These will help you understand what the learners are doing and how the teaching procedures and techniques support their learning. After each stage, you'll find a summary of key learning points, reflective tasks and tips for using what you've learned in the real world.

The authors

International House London would like to thank all the many teachers involved in developing this incredible video series but especially the five people who created the interactions, key learning points, materials and plans. 

Melissa Lamb

Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Professional Development manager

Steven Ferrara

Teacher, Teacher Trainer

Ri Willoughby

Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Teacher Portal Manager

Danny Norrington-Davies

Teacher, Teacher Trainer and author

Will Morrow

Teacher, Teacher Trainer 

Course Lessons

International House London

International House London has been delivering English language education for 70 years and we pioneered the first English Language teaching qualification in 1962. Our mission is to “Empower people to reach their full potential by delivering world class language experiences.” We are passionate about teacher learning, communication without borders and inspiring people to reach greater heights.