Teaching values for the new year

Ri Willoughby

Welcome to 2023. The new year is a good time to sit down and spend a bit of time thinking about our values. Who are we as people? What is important to us right now? Who are we as teachers? The answers to these questions can help us all start the year powerfully and purposefully. 

Watch this video of Ri talking about one way to evaluate our teaching values. 

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Want to have a go yourself? Well, the worksheet is in the Resources section under 'Tools for teacher Learning'.
Ways to use this tool in class

I've asked around and many of my colleagues had some great ideas about how you could use the same tool in class.

1. Advanced learners could go through the same process and rather than talk about teaching, they could talk about places in their lives where their values do show up. They could also speculate on what their friends / family members might choose and why. 

2. For lexis, learners could be given a relevant selection of the cards and then groups could categorise them, according to their own ideas (i.e. the teacher doesn't need to give the categories, they make them up). This way, the teacher can monitor for gaps in understanding, pronunciation errors or any other gaps in language and address this in feedback. 

3. Another idea would be to give learners some famous quotes and they need to match the quote to the value, explaining why they chose this. 

4. You could also use this for word-building activities. The items are all in their noun forms, so learners could choose 5 - 10 and then use them in transformations using positive and negative adjectives and then interview each other using the appropriate form. 

5. For writing or more critical thinking classes, learners could be given a set of values and be instructed to write a letter / email / report which embodies these values. 

I'm sure there are many, many other ways this tool could be used in class. If you can think of one which you'd like to try, please post it in the community!