What's it like to be a freelance online teacher in Cape Town?

Vicki Robinson and Elson Antonio

Hi there, we are Elson and Vicki, both freelance online English teachers in Cape Town, South Africa! 

People here in South Africa often tell us they're interested in teaching English online, or ask us how they can get started. In this vlog, we'd like to share our experiences, challenges and advice for online freelancers in Cape Town and we'd also love you to tell us yours!

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What's your set-up?

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What do you like about freelancing online?

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What is challenging about your work?

What are your top tips for teaching online?

● Get some proper materials so you reduce your planning time and make sure you’re teaching the right level (for example, I have a Linguahouse subscription).

● Use visuals! Learn English kids have great flashcards and visuals for kids. For adults, Google images is perfect, and WordWall is a great way to make visuals for vocabulary revision.

● Partner up with other teachers! Create a co-learning space, attend conferences and the Teacher Portal webinars, share materials with each other.

We hope you enjoyed that snapshot into our daily teaching lives!

What is your experience of teaching online? Let us know in the community. 

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