Classroom management: Layout, materials, and the whiteboard

Exploring effective and practical
approaches to classroom management.



Will Morrow

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About the course

In this course we explore what good classroom management is and how the layout of your class , the materials selected, and how the whiteboard is used can be helpful in this area.
Experienced teachers share their thoughts and suggest some helpful techniques to ensure a fun, inclusive and co-operative classroom.

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Course Lessons

Will Morrow

Hi, I have been a teacher and a teacher trainer for over twenty years. My career has allowed me to live and work in countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Ecuador. These experiences were vital to my continued development as an English teacher and trainer.
I am currently interested in increasing learner autonomy in classes and online course creation.
In my free time I enjoy cycling and walking my dog in the county. I also enjoy watching and reading science fiction and Horror.