Task-based learning

Let's take a look at how Task-based learning can add more to our teaching repertoire and stimulate learning. 



Annie Thomson


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About the course

An introductory course on task-based learning where you will find out what task-based learning is, what makes a task and how to create your own task-based lessons. 

Practical approach

We design our courses to provide you with practical activities for the classroom, based on solid theory and the latest research into language teaching and learning. 

Globally oriented

Like you, our teachers and trainers have worked all over the world and we encourage sharing of ideas, experiences and strategies to support your learners, wherever you work. 

For your career

Whether you want to find inspiration, boost your career in your institution, or broaden your appeal, we are here to help you succeed in your professional goals.  

Course Lessons

Annie Thomson

I started teaching in 1999 and I now work as both a teacher and teacher educator. I love my job as it gives me a great opportunity to work with students and teachers from all over the world in often very different contexts. Before returning to London I taught in Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico and Portugal but for the moment, my two daughters make it a lot more difficult to travel, so I spend most of my free time looking after them and, when they are finally in bed, reading, crocheting or catching up on very outdated tv series!