How to teach pronunciation with Adrian Underhill

Learn a range of techniques and approaches to help your students achieve their pronunciation goals from an expert in the field.



Adrian Underhill & Annie Thomson


10 hours

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About the course

An introductory course on pronunciation where you will find out the sounds in English, how to use the phonemic chart and how to further develop your learners' pronunciation. 

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Like you, our teachers and trainers have worked all over the world and we encourage sharing of ideas, experiences and strategies to support your learners, wherever you work.

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Course Lessons

Adrian Underhill

Adrian Underhill was a director of International House Hastings, and a past president of IATEFL. He is a series editor of Macmillan Books for Teachers. He likes to work with teachers and trainers exploring learning faculties like playfulness, intuition, meaning making and the physicality of language.