Empowering your Language Teachers to take charge of their development

Give your teaching staff access to brand new activities, videos of teaching and a worldwide community. 

Empowering English language teachers with quality training and support.

Build your career and be part of a global community of like-minded teachers.

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Welcome to the Teacher Portal, designed  for you and your teachers

We understand the challenges that come with teaching a language, and we’re here to provide your staff with the tools, resources and community support they need to succeed.

As an institutional member of the Teacher Portal, you’ll gain access to a variety of innovativ features.

 Exclusive Academic management zone with suggestions for training and live discussions

 Full access to our brand new Teacher Training Video Series with interactions and downloadable resources

 Reports on teacher usage and progress

Fantastic platform, a potential tool to connect teachers and make our home offices and schools one big teacher/staff room!
- Kata
As a DOS I love the portal because it helps to reinforce the school’s commitment to the professional development of our teachers. [My] teachers feel a sense of autonomy in their professional development that they wouldn’t in a more conventionally prescriptive CPD situation.
— Adrian
I have never come across such a comprehensive solution to the challenges of teaching.
— Muhammad

Interactive Courses

Our self-study interactive courses are designed to help teachers improve their teaching skills and keep up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies. Packed with videos, practical demonstrations and interactive exercises, our courses cover a wide range of topics to support your teachers' career.
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Latest Courses Available on the Teacher Portal

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Brand new:
Teacher Training Video

Your teachers can watch our videos of classroom and online teaching. The videos are supported by questions, interactions and downloadable reflective tasks to help observers apply what they see to their own teaching. 

Global Community of Teachers

Encourage your teachers to connect with English language teachers from around the world and share experiences, insights and best practices. Our community is a friendly and supportive space where anyone can ask questions, get advice, and collaborate with other teachers. 
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Downloadable Resources

All members can choose from a library of downloadable resources, including lesson plans, worksheets, videos and activities.

All of our resources are designed to be engaging, effective, and easy to use in your classroom.
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Exclusive Webinars and Q&As

Your staff will also get access to exclusive events with expert IH trainers and guest speakers, covering a variety of topics. Our webinars are interactive, giving participants the chance to ask questions and share thoughts. All our live sessions are recorded and available to watch at any time, so you can utilitse these with your staff at your convenience. 

Upcoming Member Events

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30 days' free trial

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*Our entire Teacher Training Video Series is not available in this free trial. You can see an example of a full video in the 'Courses' under 'ESOL writing video lesson' in your free trial.